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Whatever your roof’s condition, Team Centurion Roof Restoration and Coatings Perth has a solution. An obligation free inspection will allow us to make recommendations from a list of proven repair and coating systems. Team Centurion Roof Restoration and Coatings Perth can make your home the best looking house in your street, with a beautiful range of colours. We offer a wide range of specifications to suit the individual need of all types of roofing and budgets. Our guarantees are rock solid and have been proven for over 40 years with products now used throughout Australia and New Zealand. Team Centurion products are proven safe for the environment and your family’s health. Our products are fully U.V. resistant, assisting in insulating against Western Australia’s intense heat and maintaining a dry interior, guaranteed year after year.

Roof Restoration

We restore your roof condition better than it was before.

Asbestos Encapsulation

Instead of removal, encapsulation might be your best choice.

Commercial Properties

We can maintain your Commercial Properties

Product Information

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Asbestos Roof Coatings & Asbestos Encapsulation

We are expert in Asbestos Roof treatment.

Commercial Roof Repairs & Commercial Roof Coatings

 We provide Commercial Roof Rapairs and Coatings services.

Gutters Cleaning.

Complete Gutters Cleaning services for your properties.