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How much will it cost?

It depends of the type of work required.

How long will it take?

Usually it takes 1 to 14 days. Subject to work and weather.

What is your guarantee worth?

Peace of mind. You appreciate the value when it’s needed.

Do you offer interest free terms?

Yes we offer interest free terms.

Can I fit it into my budget?

Our agent will show you all the options and we respect that it is your property and decision is yours.

Why should I choose Centurion?

Because we offer the best value for your dollar.

Will the work upset my neighbour?

We communicate with your neighbours.

How will it affect my pets?

It won’t affect your pet’s health in anyway.

How safe are your products?

Our products are completely safe to the environment and your health

Why should I take your word for it?

Because we have proven ourself over 40 years.