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To Whom It May Concern,I have no trouble in recommending your protective coating. In the weeks preceding our roof being coated we found everyone most helpful in answering all our enquiries and they even suggested to us to make all the enquiries I felt the need to.

I made many phone calls to Consumer Affairs, the Australian Standards Association in Sydney and the CSIRO National Building Technology Centre in Sydney and I found that I could not get any negative feedback from any of the enquiries that I made.

While working on site the men were all introduced, were all courteous and helpful. They left the site tidy and were always prompt in turning up at appointed times. As far as the finished job is concerned we are extremely pleased at the appearance of our house.

It has improved 100% and we are getting feedback already from friends who all agree the improvement of the appearance of the old asbestos roof is wonderful.

Yours sincerely
Ann Jalriel


“We take this opportunity to confirm our satisfaction with your company’s product range…”

“…We have found the advantages exist in price, ease of application and product performance history. The market place now requires a product that avoids hazardous solvents, a proven warranty and still gives a quality finish….”

“…Where two years ago price was the only criteria considered it is now secondary to the above mentioned requirements, but obviously still extremely important, particularly in large commercial or governmental contracts..”



As you are aware we had our roof treated with your system in February 1992. Shortly after the work had been done we indicated to you how pleased we were with the professional manner in which the application was made and also how we noticed within a day or two the remarkable difference to the inside temperatures of the house.

We just wanted you to know that we are still absolutely delighted with your system.

We had been contemplating air conditioning the house, but having gone through the tail end of one of the hottest summers and through a fairly mild winter we have completely abandoned that idea.

Your systems continue to work extremely well and we would have no hesitation in recommending it in a totally unqualified sense.

We wish you well in the future.

Yours faithfully

Dear JohnIt was good to see you at the Show and to let you know how pleased we are with our roof.

We found that our house is much cooler during the hot summer months. We did not need to use a fan even in the hottest parts of the day, and there certainly have been no leaks during the recent rainy weather.

Our neighbours have commented favorably and we have been happy to tell them about your company.

Hope you are adding a lot more happy customers to your list.

With best wishes,

Hal Paddle

Dear SirIt is now over three years since we had our fibro roof coated with you product. Looking at our contract, ours was one of the first jobs done (JOB013). After three years, the roof still looks freshly done. Quite a few people have asked us when we had our new roof put on.

Before having the coating done, we were very concerned about many leaks in the fibro. The hassle of having a fibro roof removed were many. It would also have been very expensive even if we could have found a person to do it.

We had read of Roof Coatings in the Sunday paper so decided to make some enquiries regarding it. We are so glad that we did. The job was completed 8.8.91 and we are very happy with its appearance. Also, the interior of our home is very much cooler and most important there are now no leaks.

We can honestly recommend your product to anyone considering what to do about their fibro roof. Our back verandah has a zinc roof and the coating on that is also making it much cooler as there is no ceiling.

Thank you for a great product.

Yours sincerely
Jean and Jim Carrigan

Dear Sir,It’s my pleasure to write to you regarding the SSC roof treatment carried out by your firm on my property at 12 Hill Street, Lambton. The roof, which is corrugated asbestos sheeting, is generally sound, but was quite old and dirty. This has been a concern to me for some time, but the problems of working with asbestos, the desire to minimise disruptions to my tenants, etc, had caused me to put off work on the roof.

Your display at Woolworth’s Jesmond store at the end of March took my interest because it offered basically the solution I required and it presented the coating well enough to effectively show the finished product.

Prior to giving me the quote, I received a presentation of your company’s credentials, previous work, your plans and intentions. This was quite good, because it answered (with documents) most of the questions I would have wanted to ask and a few I probably wouldn’t have realised. I was sufficiently comfortable with your Company and the quote to sign on the spot. I hadn’t even fully considered colours at that time but the range provided to be quite satisfactory.

You’ll no doubt recall we had some rotten weather, so I was delighted to hear that you’d completed the work so promptly. I am more than happy with the final result. The house can be easily viewed from the street and the final work speaks for itself. I’d like to speak for your firm and say that my experience with you has been a good one. I received only genuine, helpful and unintrusive assistance and advice and you delivered the goods in excellent time.

Anyone contemplating similar work would do well to have you at the top of their shopping list.

Yours Sincerely
Robert Campbell

Dear SirIt is with great pleasure that I write to offer my earliest congratulations on an excellent product. The roof is now everything I could have wished.

Your team of workmen were unfailingly prompt, polite and efficient. I have no hesitation in recommending your product, and have in fact already done so.

Thankyou from a satisfied customer.

4 Wakefield Road
Wakefield 2301

Dear SirRe: Work performed at the above address

This is a short note to comment about your workmen and your product.

Our ridgecapping was quite rusted and was replaced. This job was done quite speedily and my husband (who was asleep at the time) assured me that it did not disturb his sleep pattern. No mess was left to even indicate that this job had been completed.

The workmen that did the sealing and paintwork, also worked very studiously and completed the job in a clean/tidy and true workman like way. They were also aware of the surroundings around them and requested the moving of certain vehicles so that these would not sustain any damage. Once again no mess was left.

I will have no hesitation in recommending your product or workmen, to anyone who may either call upon me or make comment about my roofing.

Yours faithfully

To Whom It May ConcernI have to admit that after you treated our roof the temperature inside the house is considerably lower and most times very cool and as I jokingly say I need a central heater, but now this has made all the difference.

Yours truly
T C van Brilen

Dear Mr McCormick,This letter confirms that your products have been used in various trials to treat asbestos sheeting in several telecom installations.

The treatment has been in service for several months and has proven to be satisfactory over this period.

It is proposed to use your product on appropriate future projects.

Garry Davies
Telecom Australia