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Centurion Roof Repairs in Perth

Roof Repairs services include:

Your home is a very valuable asset and Team Centurion Roof Repairs Services will take care of it, from cleaning out your gutters and valleys through to our standard roof repairs and restoration services. You may find that your insurance policy requires you to fully maintain and service your roof to keep your policy valid. Whatever the condition, Team Centurion Roof Repairs Services will bring it back to its original condition at a minimal cost. We are proud of our long history of roof repairs, restoration and maintenance and guarantee everything we do in writing. When we say “our credentials are your protection” we mean it. As always we are happy to inspect your roof free of any obligation.

  • Replace broken tiles.
  • Rebed ridges where required.
  • Re-point ridge-caps with flexible mortar in colour of choice.
  • Check valley irons and re-lip where required.
  • Check and secure all roof flashing, air conditioners, skylights, vents etc.
  • Check guttering and down-pipes.
  • Clean site.

2 YEAR ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE AGAINST LEAKS[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]