Ann Jalriel

"To Whom It May Concern, I have no trouble in recommending your protective coating. In the weeks preceding our roof being coated we found everyone most helpful in answering all our enquiries and they even suggested to us to make all the enquiries I felt the need to.

While working on site the men were all introduced, were all courteous and helpful. They left the site tidy and were always prompt in turning up at appointed times. As far as the finished job is concerned we are extremely pleased at the appearance of our house.

It has improved 100% and we are getting feedback already from friends who all agree the improvement of the appearance of the old asbestos roof is wonderful."

Geoff Clark

"We just wanted you to know that we are still absolutely delighted with your system.

We had been contemplating air conditioning the house, but having gone through the tail end of one of the hottest summers and through a fairly mild winter we have completely abandoned that idea.

Your systems continue to work extremely well and we would have no hesitation in recommending it in a totally unqualified sense."

Hal Paddle

"We found that our house is much cooler during the hot summer months. We did not need to use a fan even in the hottest parts of the day, and there certainly have been no leaks during the recent rainy weather. Our neighbours have commented favorably and we have been happy to tell them about your company."

Sue Berry

"Our ridgecapping was quite rusted and was replaced. This job was done quite speedily and my husband (who was asleep at the time) assured me that it did not disturb his sleep pattern. No mess was left to even indicate that this job had been completed.

The workmen that did the sealing and paintwork, also worked very studiously and completed the job in a clean/tidy and true workman like way. 

I will have no hesitation in recommending your product or workmen, to anyone who may either call upon me or make comment about my roofing."

Robert Campbell

"It’s my pleasure to write to you regarding the SSC roof treatment carried out by your firm on my property... The roof, which is corrugated asbestos sheeting, is generally sound, but was quite old and dirty. This has been a concern to me for some time, but the problems of working with asbestos, the desire to minimise disruptions to my tenants, etc, had caused me to put off work on the roof.

Your display at Woolworth’s Jesmond store at the end of March took my interest because it offered basically the solution I required and it presented the coating well enough to effectively show the finished product.

I am more than happy with the final result. The house can be easily viewed from the street and the final work speaks for itself. I’d like to speak for your firm and say that my experience with you has been a good one. I received only genuine, helpful and unintrusive assistance and advice and you delivered the goods in excellent time.

Anyone contemplating similar work would do well to have you at the top of their shopping list."

Jean and Jim Carrigan

"After three years, the roof still looks freshly done. Quite a few people have asked us when we had our new roof put on.

Before having the coating done, we were very concerned about many leaks in the fibro. The hassle of having a fibro roof removed were many. It would also have been very expensive even if we could have found a person to do it.

We can honestly recommend your product to anyone considering what to do about their fibro roof. Our back verandah has a zinc roof and the coating on that is also making it much cooler as there is no ceiling.

Thank you for a great product."


Coral Sea Containers

"I am pleased to report that the Insulation Paint System works well. We, as you know, operate our offices from an unlined, steel building. The summer heat is often oppressive even though our roof was white.

I am quite amazed at the difference. Please do not hesitate to offer us as a referral should you require."

Envirotech Services PTY LTD

"We have recently completed a large contract using your asbestos fungicide and binder and I am writing to express my satisfaction with the product performance and cost effectiveness.

As you are aware the encapsulation of asbestos sheeting has a high safety profile with trade unions and occupational health bodies and the M.S.D. sheets together with the very strict application specification met with their approval.

The Surface Corp product proved more than capable of saturating and sealing the areas that contained limpet asbestos material and altogether the contract was made easier to obtain and complete using your products."

Homeswest Fremantle

"This is to confirm that Centurion has carried out a number of roofing contracts for Homeswest. I have found them to be an efficient company that carries out all work with quality products at a cost effective rate.

The products are more than satisfactory and satisfy every requirement of our department.

Having proven the product’s viability in the successful application to some six hundred state housing properties over a period of years there is no doubt I will be asking them to carry out further work in the future."

L&N Food Distributors PTY LTD

"Recently your company treated my tile roof which I am very happy to say when finished turned out extremely good in fact better than I anticipated.

I would like to commend your workmen also as nothing that I asked of them was too much trouble and they went about their task in a very tradesman like fashion.

You can use my home as a sample of your product it you wish"

Modern Garages

"We wish to express our complete satisfaction with your application of coating system at our premises.

Our work within the confines of a steel garage is a real test of your product. After the application of the INSULATION PAINT SYSTEM, the inside temperature of our offices has been considerable lowered.

We thank you for your fast and efficient service and will not hesitate to recommend both you and your product to any of our clients."

JI Case (Australia) PTY LTD

"Re: 580K Roof Paint Static Temperature Test

A survey was done at Morce in which we registered the temperature in cabin before the roof was painted.

Roof temperature for period 12.00pm to 1.30pm
Outside temperature started at 42° in sun
Inside Cabin temperature started between 40° – 50° with all windows closed.

After painting roof temperature in cab dropped to 36° without opening the door. This made a great improvement in the operation of the air conditioner, as soon as you start it cold air instead of hot air circulated."


City of Bayswater

"I would like to indicate to you my satisfaction and pleasure it has been in dealing with your company.

The personal service has been exemplary and as a customer your willingness to cooperate with my personal needs in a most competitive market place was most appreciated.

I have no hesitation in recommending your company’s product and services."

United States Navy

"I am writing to let you know that we are delighted with the success we have achieved using one of your products.

We have applied the Binder to asbestos sheeting, lagging and fiberglass insulation, with excellent results. Our painters are very happy with the products applicability.

It is our intention to continue a program of asbestos abatement and containment, utilizing this highly satisfactory product."